This is an opportunity for young, competitive players to immerse themselves in a top training and development environment year-round.

The quality and professionalism of the training with top coaches will be totally different from what you are experiencing currently

Coaching sessions will be geared towards a long- term plan for the individual player. Long term goals can be determined by each player to source out the best opportunity for their future, whether it will be professional or educational.

We have been able to provide some talented male players with professional opportunities in Europe. These long- term paths will provide parents and players with the guidance they need to plan a future.

Halton Hawks FC offers a year-round training program. This program is targeted at boys/girls ages 8-17.


Just like all our programs, Halton Hawks FC uses the world-renowned Xcel-Coaching in our training sessions.


  • These age groups compete in the Halton Peen Soccer Association and  Ontario Soccer Association Academy Leagues.

  • This is an intense program which requires time commitment and dedication.

  • This group train 3 x per week 

  • One night per week is dedicated to skill and technique training.

  • The other night is focused on developing game awareness, skill, creativity, game intelligence, multi-lateral vision, decision making, leadership skills to a few.

  • This group is treated like little professional players – whereby they receive training uniforms, game uniforms, water ever night, etc.

  • Small-Sided Conditioned Games in training


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