What are the average goalkeeper height and weight?


Research shows, that of the 45 best goalkeepers in the world, the average 1.89 meters (6.2 feet) while the average weight is 83 kilograms (184 pounds). 


At the 2018 World Cup,  the Croatian GK, Lovre Kalinic, was the tallest goalkeeper who stands at 201cm - or 6ft 5in and shortest was 182 cm ( 6ft) 


Think about the above research before you decide to focus on goalkeeping.

Attributes Of A Goalkeeper

The top skills/attributes a soccer goalkeeper should have which are as follows:

Reading and understanding the game
Organizing the team
Diving technique
Catching technique
Punching technique
Ball control with feet
Right Timing
Vertical leap height

Right Balance of Height And Techniques


It is very important for a goalkeeper to have the right balance between the height and technique. If we talk about modern soccer, a goalkeeper should be both tall and technically sound.


Good footwork allows a goalkeeper to cover the length of the goal rapidly and also creates a strong base for diving.

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