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As a rule, the first Moscow gambling establishments were created with a long-term perspective in mind. Specialists from England and Yugoslavia were invited to train the personnel

The British focused on the ability to create an "atmosphere" at the gaming table and in the hall. The priority of the Yugoslavs was the unquestioning execution of orders and instructions. Later, “Russian” staff training schools appeared. They were led by former croupiers from among the Russian-speaking staff. The quality of education in such schools differed markedly from foreign ones.

And with the advent of large casinos in Moscow from the Zamkov system, the process of training dealers turned into a conveyor belt. The people who were trained were more like robots, able to calculate the payout on roulette and blackjack faster than a calculator (the combination that gave the game its name, is a combination of an ace and any picture card or tens on the first two cards dealt and is paid at a ratio of 3:2).

But all their personal qualities were destroyed - they must become cogs in a large machine called CASINO.


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