We understand that many players would prefer to play for the enjoyment of playing soccer, while still improving.

Therefore, we offer the Non-Competitive Program.

The Non-Competitive Program is held 2 times per week for an hour and is targeted at boys/girls ages 6-12.


The Program is run at our Training Facility –  Bennett Park, Milton.


The young players work on developing their skills one night and the other they play games amongst each other.


The purpose of the program is to allow children who want to have fun and enjoy themselves while learning important skills to make them better players.


The other purpose is to allow them to improve with the goal in mind of playing for one of the competitive team.s


The small-sided-games are based on the world-renowned “Xcel-Coaching”. The games mimic the “street soccer” approach to development.


Players will be grouped into teams of 5 players. Four nets are used instead of the traditional two net games.


Teams will consist of 3 players with two reserves and no goalies.


Coaches will monitor the games. No scores are kept.

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